Linda Shannon, Homeopath

Homeopathy in Portland, Dorset

Welcome to my website. I am a homeopath with over 38 years experience, and practice in Portland, Dorset.

Homeopathy always looks at the whole person, 
rather than treating a specific disease. 
A homeopath sees mind and body as deeply connected, 
and explores this in consultation with the client.

I work with clients with all kinds of conditions and 
have extensive experience in the treatment of children. 
I live on Portland, Dorset where my clinic is based,
and I also have phone/Zoom opportunities 
for clients to get in touch. 
I often advise remedies for acute illnesses 
such as colds and flu' over the phone for existing clients.

I have followed a spiritual practice for 30 years, 
and feel that the this is a vital aspect of my work and life.



1984 – present: Full time homeopathic practice
I run a busy practice in my home base Portland, Dorset.  I practise mainly classical homeopathy and see my practise as an ongoing process of development and change. I may suggest herbal adjuncts to homeopathic treatment as I have also studied herbal medicine.
I encourage collaboration with other practitioners of alternative medicine, especially cranial osteopaths, chiropractors and therapists. My experience is that this has been of great benefit to clients.

2000 – present: Lecturer Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol. Main areas of teaching are philosophy and clinical practice.

2005 – present: Homeopathic Studies in India

I have organised, together with a colleague, opportunities to study homeopathy in Kolkata, India with Dr’s Kalyan and Dilip Bhattacharyea. The work of these very experienced practitioners has been an inspiration to many and my main form of personal continued professional development

2005 – 2019: Sunrise Homeopathic Centre for Children
I specialised in the treatment of pregnant women, babies and children and have always enjoyed treating children. The Sunrise centre was a child centred environment. Children enjoyed coming to the clinic where there are plenty of toys, activities and space.

2000 – 2012: Visiting Lecturer: University of Westminster. Degree in Homeopathy.

2005 – 2020: Founder of the Ghana Homeopathy Project
The Ghana Homeopathy Project is an educational charity with the vision to make homeopathy available in Ghana as a valid and affordable form of treatment and to initiate health education in Ghana. See

2000 – 2002: Head of Clinical Practice, London College of Classical Homeopathy. I was also involved in supervision, teaching and tutoring.

1998 – 2001: Course Leader, London College of Classical Homeopathy.
I was responsible for the day to day running of the course. Whilst in the post I gained a great deal of experience in homeopathic education, curriculum planning etc.  I introduced changes that were generally regarded as positive – in the direction of a more student-centered approach, greater staff involvement in the curriculum, more opportunities for communication between staff, greater opportunities for integration between theory and practice in student learning. I generally aimed to provide opportunities for the enhancement of a sense of belonging to a learning community for all involved.
In this post, part of my job description was to stand in for other tutors/staff at a moments notice, in the case of sickness etc. I was also involved in lecturing/tutoring in all areas of the curriculum, including Materia Medica

1991 – present: International teaching
I have taught in Malta, Egypt, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary

1988 – 92: The Sunrise Clinic for Children, London, Stoke Newington:
I am the Founder of the Sunrise Children’s Clinic. This combined the needs of low income families for low cost treatment, with the needs of students to gain direct clinical experience. It was one of the first of its kind in the country and is still running 28 years later.

1981 – 84 Professional Homeopathic Training, London College of Homeopathy. Qualifications: Licentiate of the College of Homeopathy

1977 – 78 Master of Science in Human Communication Studies, University of London: Guys Hospital Medical School. (2.1)

1976 – 77 Research Officer in Social Science, University of Surrey

1973 – 76 Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences (Psychology and Sociology), University of Surrey. (First Class)

1971 – 73 Advanced level examinations. Biology (A), Chemistry (A) and Physics (B)

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